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"A thousand things went right today."

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple Question, Profound Anwer

      Dede, I'm five today. I know it, she said. Happy Birthday. She held his hand.

   Dede, are you the elderly? Sometimes, she said.

   Dede, let's skip on the sidewalk, he said. Okay, she said. He squeezed her hand in their secret way.  Gentle squeeze, gentle squeeze, gentle squeeze. I love you.

    Dede, are you old? he said.

   Not today, she said.  They skipped away.


   They say that traits we dislike in others are the very ones we have but don't recognize in ourselves.

   Man, that's a  bummer.


  Those people who say miracles don't happen anymore are wrong, she said.

    Now, I never saw a burning bush or a dead person walk,  but I saw my grandson when he was  five minutes old.
    There was a miracle.