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"A thousand things went right today."

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Here There Be Monsters

            Metaphorically speaking, the sun does not shine every day. 

         Some days, and nights as well,  are dark and bleak and stone cold frozen. Even when in Spring when there are dancing  shadows from the sun overhead, metaphorically speaking still, the world seems so dismally frightening.  "Here there be monsters" the mapmakers of centuries ago inscribed over uncharted areas of oceans.

         So when does the woman of faith do to dispel the darkness with its monsters? What does she do when prayer seems to fall on deaf ears and God seems to be hiding, when meaness seems ready to pounce again at the next corner?  What does she do when life as she knows it seems fragile?

         She does the best she can. She takes another step, then puts one foot in front of the other and next foot in front, and the next and the next.  She carries on as women do when those she loves are threatened.

            And she prays. "God of Light, guide my faltering feet."



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